About Us

Welcome to High End Haven

We are a Registered Domestic Limited Liability Company in the State of South Carolina.

Our bags are inspected by Two In-House Brand Experts and then an Outside Third Party inspector provides Verification and includes their Letter of Authenticity.

 Our store is meant to help our clients and customers find an Authentic Handbag they have been looking for at an affordable price. We strive for Perfection in our search for the "right bags" to place in our store.

   Guaranteed Authenticity or your money back! 

 Focus of Attention is only on the Brands you see on the website. That is because it is what we "know" and are studied in as "brand experts" to make a reasonably and accurate authentication using our Three- Step Process, using two separate sets of in-house authenticators and then verify with an outside "Third-Party" inspector who also provides a Letter of Authenticity for most items. (ask for availability) 

  Always feel free to ask us any questions or bring any concern to us on any item we list. Keeping up with the "Replica-Market" is always changing, and we see some really good replica bags out there, but be assured if there is any problem after your purchase we will offer a full refund once the item is returned and re-inspected.

  We Feel Our Prices Are Fair and try to beat the market price, but we would like to make you a happy customer. As a reminder: You May Always Email Us A Reasonable Offer for consideration.

Also, we offer Split Pay and Layaway via Paypal Invoicing on most bags from the store, you must Contact Us if you are asking for this feature. 

   Our goal is to make YOU the customer happy and comfortable with your purchase so that you will shop with us again, and spread the word, tell your friends and family about us. The Customer Loyalty Program will earn you 10% Off All Future Purchases.

  Our Secure "Checkout Process" uses SSL security through our host "Big Commerce", so if you see a page change to: 


rest assured, this is the protected host SSL secure process.


We also use McAfee as a secondary security for your protection



Thank you for shopping with us.