HEH Covid Update September 2020


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SEPT 2020 Covid Update


Dear friends and clients, it has been a trying and difficult time for each and everyone of us the last few months.  With the pandemic, job shut downs and stay-at-home restrictions etc we have all had to change our way of life for this time period to cope with the virus and the aftermath effects on health and economy.


Many have lost jobs, depleted savings and are very short of disposable income for other than the most necessary items needed due to layoffs, lockdowns and business losses etc.


We all should continue to help do our part and at the same time hold our heads up, trudge forward and do what we feel we must until this is over.


Here at High End Haven we remain short on supply yet we also have not felt the need to offer items for sale while so many are struggling through this ordeal.

Rest assured that when the time is right, we will have more items listed and available for public listings and release.


For our Clients and returning customers please contact us if you are seeking a certain item and we will locate and negotiate a best offer as is possible. 


 Thank You All

Lets Be Safe Out There


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